How Do I Make a Custom Poster?

Creating custom made posters has never been easier. With the advent of digital photography and the improvement in printing technology, anyone can create custom prints from home. There is no longer any need to rely on the expensive commercial printers. Creating custom posters have become a simple pastime for many thanks to the internet. Here’s how you go about making a custom poster:

How do I make a custom poster

Select your printing method – In this instance, it’s best to choose a collage poster maker that has a pre-set design and printing format. Each of different custom posters are produced on high quality matte paper, thereby making them very durable. Many top quality custom posters feature a high-quality matte finish with a high-resolution, center-aligned, double-sided printed on premium, archival, acid free paper stock with a full bleed finish to give a professional appearance.

Pick a topic – Any topic can be used when making custom posters. The size and theme of the custom poster will depend on what the message is trying to convey. Whether the message is intended to express a serious idea, or is intended to be a light-hearted humorous piece, the subject matter must be clearly defined. By allowing the artist to design a template, one can select a specific template and multiple images to use within the collage.

Frame – Standard dimensions for most posters are 24 inches wide, and they are typically framed using two pieces of standard poster board. The backside of the poster can be decorated with the chosen image. Framed posters can either be laminated with an acid free backing, or the top and bottom halves can be wrapped in dark matte varnish with a silver frame. There are numerous framing options available to ones that wish to have a unique look. These include:

Types of Designs – There are several different types of designs available when making posters. These include: single image, double image, posterboard, tri fold brochures and tri fold posters. A single image is the most basic design where as double images and tri fold brochures require extra elements to be added to give a more elaborate look to the finished product. One can also add text to these types of custom poster designs.

Print Samples – Most custom printing companies will provide sample images that one can choose from to create a custom poster print. Many companies will have thousands of different selections to choose from in terms of colors, themes and materials that will be used. Some samples will even allow one to print out different sizes of a custom image. These samples can often be printed on high quality, glossy photo paper.

Colors, themes and materials can all be changed to create a look that one wants. However, it is important to keep in mind that most people will likely not want to look great when displaying their custom posters inside of a large picture window or on their bedroom floor. That is why it is important to purchase a poster board with a matte finish. This allows one to display their custom posters outside without worrying about them fading or looking too shiny.

To learn how to make a custom poster tomorrow simply find a company online that offers this service. They will usually be happy to offer samples to view so that one can see if they would like to make their own posters. Then simply complete the order and send in the required materials. One should receive their custom size photo paper within a few weeks to create their next favorite advertising piece. It is also important to remember to order enough custom poster prints to last for years to come.